Learning and Development Center

Hallen Construction is committed to providing thorough and extensive training to their employees so every member of the Hallen family can reach their utmost potential. Our comprehensive training programs are the key to our quality process and allow us to expertly enhance the communities in which we work.

In 2016, our company made a huge commitment to the future by opening Hallen U. This full-service training facility provides a state-of-the-art classroom, a 5000-square foot indoor hands-on learning area and a conference room. At the suggestion of our seasoned workers, an outdoor work site simulation area has recently been added.

Hallen recognizes the need for a highly trained workforce and the benefits of providing our employees a clear path to career advancement. This facility reflects the joint effort of our field and management forces and will provide the qualified workforce that our client partners need and deserve.

As a result of our training programs, both in-house and in conjunction with our clients, the employees at Hallen strive to set new industry standards of excellence. Hallen pledges to provide a workforce that is extensively trained in hazardous material handling and sensitive to environmental concerns.