Steel & Plastic Main Installation

Hallen Construction is the industry leader in performing work in the densely populated urban landscape of New York City and the Metropolitan area. Our extensive training and 90 years of experience and expertise enable us to be ready for the challenges that exist in a difficult and challenging environment.

As a trusted contractor for major utilities Con Edison and National Grid, Hallen has been a key player in the replacement of the aging gas main distribution system and the installation of new distribution pipelines to accommodate the rapidly growing demand for gas. Utilizing the cutting-edge technology of today, Hallen takes pride in staying ahead of the curve to provide the most efficient and cost-effective solutions.

The installation of steel and plastic distribution mains consists of saw cutting the roadways, excavation, and fusing the plastic gas main or welding the steel gas main. Once the installation is complete, the gas main is tested. Following the test, Hallen performs all the live gas tie-ins to the existing distribution system. Following the tie-ins, all trenches and tie-in excavations are backfilled and the roadway is restored by Hallen’s paving subcontractor.

Hallen has a full-time paving department and drafting department that support all projects. The paving department is responsible for monitoring the sub-contractor and providing our customers with the proper documentation required by the city agencies. The drafting department is responsible for accurately plotting the gas main location as it was installed. This information is provided to our customers so that their internal maps can be updated.