Our Mission

Hallen Construction is dedicated to providing distribution contracting services to our customers safely, reliably and efficiently. Our values of quality, service and safety are the foundation for every business transaction, project and service that we provide.

Who We Are

At Hallen, we know the strength of any organization is the people that work the project site, walk the halls and answer the phones. And we are proud to say we employ the best of the best. As a family owned and operated business, we consider each individual employee to be a member of our extended family. That bond shows in the quality of our work and with each and every interaction with our clients and stakeholders.

With hundreds of years of combined experience, we are confident in declaring our team as the most qualified heavy construction professionals in the metropolitan area. Our pledge to meticulous detail, care and quality ensures our jobs are done competently, safely and with pride.

In alignment with API RP 1173’s PSMS philosophy and The Capacity Model’s human performance principles, Hallen Construction commits to a safety culture that acknowledges errors, prioritizes proactive planning, and fosters continuous improvement. Recognizing the influence of context on behaviors and outcomes, we approach our work understanding that incidents may arise from normal deviations, and violations are seldom malicious. Our dedication extends to nurturing a learning environment, where management’s response to failure shapes organizational growth. Embracing the Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle, we systematically integrate safety management into operations, aiming to fortify our safety culture and ensure the well-being of all stakeholders. Operational learning will be pivotal, utilizing incidents as opportunities for reflection and adaptation, enhancing our collective resilience.


Hallen Construction is committed to providing thorough and extensive training to their employees so every member of the Hallen family can reach their utmost potential. Our comprehensive training programs are the key to our quality process and allow us to expertly enhance the communities in which we work.

In 2016, our company made a huge commitment to the future by opening Hallen U. This full-service training facility provides a state-of-the-art classroom, a 5000-square foot indoor, hands-on learning area and a conference room. At the suggestion of our seasoned workers, an outdoor work site simulation area has recently been added.

Hallen recognizes the need for a highly trained workforce and the benefits of providing our employees a clear path to career advancement. This facility reflects the joint effort of our field and management forces and will provide the qualified workforce that our client partners need and deserve.

As a result of our training programs, both in-house and in conjunction with our clients, the employees at Hallen strive to set new industry standards of excellence. Hallen pledges to provide a workforce that is extensively trained in hazardous material handling and sensitive to environmental concerns.

Our Employees

Hallen Construction knows that our employees are the source of our strength. As a result, we strive to create, maintain and support a safe and open work environment that allows our employees to prosper and grow. We believe employee involvement in our operations is vital to the continuous process of improvement.

Teamwork is a cornerstone of Hallen’s history and each employee is expected to be respectful of each other, the client and the communities we serve. Each of our team members receives and complies with our code of conduct manual containing guidelines to uphold the highest standards of operation.

Hallen believes in recognizing the outstanding accomplishments of our valued employees through numerous reward and recognition programs, special events and functions throughout the year.