Mike Hickey

Mike Hickey

Executive Vice President of Operations

Mike is the current Executive Vice President of Operations at The Hallen Construction Company, Inc. and has been the running the field operations since 1994.

A veteran of the industry since 1978, Mike’s career began as a commercial diver for Oceaneering International in Morgan City, Louisiana.  In 1980, he moved back to the New York area and started working for Kalb Construction as a laborer.  He worked his way up the Kalb ranks in maintenance, then as a foreman, and ultimately became a supervisor overseeing distribution gas service and main installations in 1984.  In 1990, Mike joined the Hallen Construction family as a supervisor and held that title until being promoted to his current position.

Mike belongs to several professional associations including the Northeast Gas Association (of which he is an associate member and served a four-year term on the Board of Directors), The Society of Gas Operators, and serves on the American Gas Association’s Construction Operations Committee.

Mike is also a member of the Board of Directors for the Distribution Contractors Association (DCA) and will begin serving a term as President of the group in February 2019.