Metropolitan Reliability Infrastructure

Posted in Transmission Pipelines

This project is in Brownsville, Brooklyn NY and is the first phase of a five-year project that begins in the Brownsville area of Brooklyn and terminates at a gate station in Greenpoint, Brooklyn NY. The purpose of this project is to increase system reliability and operational flexibility within National Grid’s existing transmission system.

The scope of work includes the installation of approximately 7,500 ft. of welded 30” .625 wall steel pipe, rated at 740 psig and installed to transmission gas pipeline standards in Brownsville, Brooklyn, NY. A permanent, above ground, pig launcher will be constructed at the project’s southern end where it shall also be tied into an existing 26”, 350 psig gas main.  Once the pipeline has been installed it will be cleaned and a gauging pig will be run. In addition, a high-resolution caliper pig will be run. The pipeline will then be hydrostatically tested and tied into the existing 26” pipeline. Once the pipeline is tied in, roadway and sidewalk restoration will take place.