Bronx Metering and Regulating Station

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The Bronx Metering and Regulating station is the termination of a 37-mile pipeline that begins in Northport, NY and runs through the Long Island Sound until it makes landfall again in the Hunts Point Area of the Bronx. The construction of this station was the last phase of a project that upgraded the capacity of the entire Iroquois Pipeline which originates at the Canadian Border. The Bronx facility allows Con Edison to deliver this gas from Canada to the metropolitan area.

The Metering and Regulating Station occupies approximately 1.7 acres adjacent to an existing Con Edison Compressor Station. The station is connected at the inlet side to a 24″ high-pressure gas main that comes from Northport and then interconnects with Con Edison’s distribution system through a 30″ gas main. The station consists of a pig receiver, measurement facilities, regulating and heating facilities, various remotely operated valves and manually operated valves. The station required five buildings to house the various facilities. Four of the buildings were prefabricated concrete structures placed on pile supported concrete slabs. The last building was a prefabricated metal building used to house the heaters. The station piping ranged from 3/8″ stainless steel tubing to 30″ welded steel. The entire large bore piping system is supported on pile supported pipe supports. To complete the station, an asphalt access road was installed and the entire site was covered with a layer of dolomite.