Hallen Construction Selected by National Grid to Participate in a Damage Prevention-Safety Training Video


In response to Hallen’s dedication to damage prevention, worker safety and well-being; National Grid selected Hallen Construction to participate in a training video. On March 28, 2018, a camera crew recorded Hallen’s crew members installing a gas main in Staten Island, N.Y. The video will represent proper damage prevention safety protocol, correct use of personal protective equipment (PPE), and general field safety diligence. National Grid will use this video during their personnel training classes in addition to promoting this guide on their website and YouTube.

We congratulate the Hallen community for being recognized by National Grid as a leader in worker safety. We would also like to acknowledge and congratulate Billy O’Brien’s field crew for being selected to participate in the video shooting.


Vicent Malizio, Hallen  (far left), Billy O’Brien, Hallen (center left), Kevin Shannon, Hallen Co.  (center), camera crew (right)


Billy O’Brien, Hallen  (far left), Vicent Malizio, Hallen (center left), Kevin Shannon, Hallen Co.  (center), camera crew (right)


Camera crew (far left), Biagio Perolizzi, Hallen Co. (center left) National Grid representatives (center, center right), K.C. Murray, Hallen Co.  (far right)